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29894Re: How do I make boot floopy? IMSAI + Northstar + CP/M?

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  • joshbensadon
    Mar 26, 2013

      I recently got my IMSAI 8080 to boot up CP/M on 8".
      It wasn't easy. First things first. Make sure you have a good working system, especially check the RAM for errors.

      The 5-1/4" drives should be writable by a PC, check Dave Dunfield's website for compatibility for Single Density disks. He's got a utility that tests your controller chip on the PC.

      Rich Cini has also been doing a lot of great work in creating CP/M disks. Check out his site, just google his name + "Classic Computing"

      I took the ground up approach to getting CP/M running by writing my own format and disk read/write routines, then I transferred CP/M via XMODEM to the IMSAI. I had a lot of hardware to fix along the way.


      --- In midatlanticretro@yahoogroups.com, telmnstr@... wrote:
      > I own an IMSAI 8080 in beautiful condition.
      > It has an external Northstar badged floppy that matches the machine.
      > I'm looking for pointers on making a bootable CP/M disk for it?
      > Can I write it with a 5.25" tied to a standard PC or does it require a
      > Catweasel type board / existing old computer?
      > There is a small local one day gaming event coming up in my area at the
      > Chesapeake Virginia library. They're showing Wargames at night so I'm
      > thinking maybe I should bring the IMSAI out.
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