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29887Re: [midatlanticretro] How do I make boot floopy? IMSAI + Northstar + CP/M?

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  • Systems Glitch
    Mar 26 1:08 PM
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      > That's a pretty major "depending". There seem to have been dozens
      > of different serial cards, each using different I/O addresses,
      > different bits in the byte to indicate status. That's why Processor
      > Tech went to such lengths on the 3P+S. You could strap everything
      > on that card.

      You'd be surprised. I got Bill Degnan's Vector Graphic ZCB strapped up to operate with its console port at the standard North Star addresses. If it's Intel 8251/8251A based (as the IMSAI SIO was) there's a good chance it can be made to look like the North Star serial console port. Anything with a 40-pin 1402 descendant UART can be made to look close enough if it supports strapping the status bits individually.

      > Or you could patch the diskette image before you transfer it from the
      > PC to the IMSAI.

      Yes, this is true. I like working with old stuff, though!

      > I'll bet you a beer at the next VCF East that, if he has a N* controller,
      > it's an mds-ad3. I have one single density controller -vs- a whole
      > stack of ad3s. Totally by accident, found at random as I've added to
      > my collection.

      Huh, I must be the odd case then...I've got three working single-density controllers, all acquired with other piles of S-100 boards. I'd just assumed they were equally common.

      > I think I have the tools to generate a single density CP/M boot disk.
      > Remind me when the next VCF gets closer and I'll try to make you one.

      Awesome, thanks! I was thinking about getting CP/M 3 working with it, since it handles sector sizes other than 128 bytes natively.

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