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29884RE: [midatlanticretro] How do I make boot floopy? IMSAI + Northstar + CP/M?

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  • Bill Sudbrink
    Mar 26, 2013
      telmnstr@... wrote:
      > When I search the internet for Northstar IMSAI CPM type stuff, I always
      > just land on the Northstar Horizon information. It is Z80, where as the
      > IMSAI originally was Intel 8080 so I assume the Horizon boot stuff
      > isn't gonna fly.

      Nothing in CP/M proper uses the Z80 extensions to the 8080 instruction
      set. If I recall correctly, the N* CP/M images that Dave has up are
      all 8080 as well. I used his images to create the system I run on
      my SOL which has an 8080. The boot ROM on the N* controller is all 8080
      instructions. Your problem will (possibly) be that the N* images on
      Dave's site will want to use the serial port that is built into the
      Horizon motherboard which will (probably) not be compatible with
      whatever serial port interface card you have installed in your IMSAI

      > I know there is the boot.sys file or whatever where you can poke in all
      > the values to get components working together.

      Not exactly. You have to patch in your own CBIOS routines to talk
      to your console. You should not have to alter the CBIOS diskette
      routines. You can put in alternate routines for PUN: and RDR: to
      talk to other serial devices that you might have installed.

      > OH CRAP. I just remembered, I have a cassette tape drive....
      > Is there a mp3 archive? :-)

      Not to my knowledge. You would still have to write a program to
      read bytes from the cassette interface. Better to use straight

      Bill S.
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