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29871Looking for trades

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  • Brian Roth
    Mar 25, 2013
      I'm thinning my collection down to just VAX and MicroVAX.

      Things I am looking for:

      VAX 11/725 or larger.
      RC25 whole parts carts
      Complete systems in BA213 or 215
      KDA50 cables cab kits drives (RA72 =92)
      HSC, early 80's DEC networking, vampire taps Thicknet.
      Working Pro380

      Let me know what you have.

      I have:

      Heathkit dual 9" drive
      H-89 z-89 z-19
      a couple of empty 11/34's
      Cipher 1000 9 track
      Western Peripherals Pertec controller
      System Industries SMD controller box and cables
      System Industries SMD 160Mb drive(cool see through plastic to HDA)
      A really nice TE-16 (would love to trade for a 11/725 or 30)
      Complete working Xerox 8/16 with dual 8" drives
      Televideo TS800 terminal
      SGI Onyx deskside purple skins(partial) drives and a few boards
      SGI Origin nodes with memory
      IBM PC's XT's, ISA cards, MFM drives and controllers
      Might be persuaded to part with my working Tek 4105 graphics terminal with manual.

      Thanks for your consideration.

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