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29866New Floppy Days podcast episode

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  • rkindig
    Mar 25, 2013
      Hi, all retrocomputing fans!

      I've uploaded a new episode of my podcast called Floppy Days which discusses vintage computers and calculators. This episode is about the venerable machine that started the personal computer revolution - the Altair 8800. It covers:
      - history
      - specs
      - emulation
      - modern upgrades
      - magazines/books
      - and much more

      I plan to cover the vintage computers and vintage programmable calculators in which I have interest, or in my collection, and would be willing to cover computers I've never seen or were not popular or available in the U.S. I would love to be able to interview experts on these systems as well, if anyone would be willing to participate.

      The podcast has been submitted to iTunes. Please subscribe. You can also download it at:


      Thanks so much and please listen and provide feedback if you can.

      Randy Kindig
      voice mail 206-426-7200
      Web site floppydays.libsyn.com