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29673Re: OT: Old 10base-T ethernet on a modern network

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  • David Riley
    Mar 14, 2013
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      > > I'm trying to get a Macintosh Centris 610 online with a
      > > MacCon 610 ethernet card plugged into an Airport Express in
      > > bridge mode. This card has a 10base-T ethernet port, that
      > > blinks when I plug a normal (not crossover) cable in. The
      > > computer can't get a DHCP address and can't seem to talk to
      > > anything on my network with a static address.
      > >
      > Just throw in a cheap 10Base-T hub in the mix. Some of the "older" Macs
      > don't play well at all with autosensing switches. I keep a 24 port hub
      > on my home network that also supports AUI and 10base-2. Just handy to
      > have around for all this old stuff.

      Seconded. About half of my LC-PDS Ethernet cards have problems with autosensing switches (the "link valid" indicator seems to go in and out at about 1 Hz), but they're quite happy if I stick an old 10Base-T hub in the middle; they're not even likely to use all THAT bandwidth, so why not? I never tried forcing individual ports on my managed switch to 10Base-T with no auto, but then it never seemed to make sense to waste the ports.

      - Dave
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