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2964Re: [midatlanticretro] PS/2 trivia question

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  • Chris M
    Mar 27, 2006
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      right...like I said, the MCGA can do 640 x 480 just
      like VGA, just not in as many colors, b&w in fact. And
      the Model 25 and 30 have an 8086, not an 8088.
      --- midatlanticretro@yahoogroups.com
      <ploopster@...> wrote:
      > John Allain wrote:
      > >>> those 'quasi-PS/2 machines did use VGA graphics.
      If you're
      > >>> plugging in a TTL monitor, that might be a
      > >
      > >> Nope. Not VGA. MCGA.
      > >
      > > Still, the VGA signal levels and the DE15 shell
      > > connector still applies for the model 30, I
      > > Indicates VGA is a superset of MCGA?
      > VGA is a superset of both EGA and MCGA. MCGA
      doesn't have any EGA
      > capabilities whatsoever, and in addition, VGA has a
      bunch of
      > higher-resolution modes that MCGA doesn't have. The
      > higher-than-EGA resolution mode that MCGA has is
      > 8514 is essentially a VGA with rudimentary
      acceleration and twice as
      > much framebuffer.
      > XGA was heavily accelerated compared to many other
      PC graphics cards at
      > the time. And it had twice the framebuffer of 8514
      (1MB) which allowed
      > it to run at 1024x768x8.
      > XGA-2 had faster acceleration and DAC's, 2MB of
      framebuffer, but
      > couldn't run at higher resolutions or color depths
      than XGA. The extra
      > framebuffer space gave it double-buffering
      > Peace... Sridhar

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