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  • Wesley Furr
    Mar 9, 2013
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      What is your relationship with your local recycle place? I've got one here
      in town, but they don't seem very interested in keeping an eye out for old
      stuff. The manager changed over a while back and I thought I was in (the
      prior guy didn't give a crap), but now I'm beginning to wonder. Did get a
      few things...but only because I was lucky the day I dropped by and they were
      laying around (some middle-aged Mac stuff). They also had some of the
      old-school all-in-one Mac's, but they took them around back and destroyed
      them to be sure there weren't hard drives in them...rather than investigate
      to find out they didn't (apparently they require a LONG torx driver to open
      them up properly). The only things they leave sitting out for sale are
      new-ish computers that they've cleaned up and have for sale, and some
      monitors and accessories. Does your place have these boxes sitting around
      for anyone to come in and look through? Or do you ask? Or do they save
      stuff for you? Just curious how this works for other folks and what I might
      should try to do on my end to attempt to purchase some of the old stuff from
      them rather than it going in the recycle bin...



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      May not be a great save, but rooting through some boxes of boards at my
      local surplus place, I found:
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