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29560RE: [midatlanticretro] Computers as investment

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  • Wesley Furr
    Mar 6, 2013
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      Do these detailed and explicit instructions need to be part of a formal
      lawyer-written and legalese-filled document, or will it suffice to have a
      written note with your signed name on it? Or just a formal will with a line
      saying to see a related informal document?

      Sounds like a good idea regardless of what one is collecting...


      -----Original Message-----

      Yes, as part of a will.

      However, nobody does this. And I really mean *nobody*.

      One part of my profession is buying up the estates of engineers and ham
      radio operators, and see this first hand. Widows are burdened with piles of
      interesting stuff that they all to often see as crap. For every estate
      cleanout I do, I hear of ten that went in the dumpster, because of a lack of
      proper, formal estate planning. And proper, formal estate planning means a
      will with detailed and explicit instructions on what is to be done with the

      Anything else, as good as the intentions may be, is skating close to

      So...broadcasting to everyone here...create or update your wills.

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