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29557Re: [midatlanticretro] Computers as investment

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  • William Donzelli
    Mar 6, 2013
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      > In 100 years, if someone still has a working Windows 95 laptop, it
      > will be worth more than it is now. But, that'll only help your great-
      > grandchildren to cash in. But that will be because most similar
      > laptops will have disappeared, into landfills or recycling centers.
      > And, that still does not make it an investment.

      All these PeeCees and Windows machines we hate now will be worth money
      - and I think the timeframe will be far shorter than 100 years. Every
      class of gadget that had an impact on society becomes collectable

      > For something to be an investment, you have to have the expectation of
      > a return on capital -while- you own it... like land, stock shares,
      > real estate, and financial instruments.

      This is not true. You can certainly have investments that are solely
      intended for heirs, either trusts or living people. There are indeed
      people that do this in their estate plans - it is not an uncommon

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