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29555OT: Computers as investment or your Children's inheirtance?

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  • joshbensadon
    Mar 6, 2013
      --- In midatlanticretro@yahoogroups.com, Mike Loewen <mloewen@...> wrote:
      > In the event of my untimely demise, my wife has instructions to contact
      > this group for assistance in selling the valuable items and finding homes
      > for the rest. With working IMSAIs selling for > $2,000, that's only fair
      > to her.

      That's a great idea. I personally would hope my son will take an interest but who knows? I didn't take an interest in my dad's stamp collection but hopefully, I'll find a way to get him involved.

      Does anyone here have children that are interested in this hobby?
      If so, would you say it's their nature or how you raised them?

      For Evan's sake, I'll label this as OT.

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