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29534Mark 8 documentation

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  • Mike
    Mar 6, 2013
      most of what you need in terms of 8008 documentation is online - here are couple of sites.


      I'm working on a quick reference card for the SCELBI and 8008. Much of the SCELBI side content is pertinent to the Mark 8. I will eventually get a batch printed on card stock like the old style CPU instruction set quick reference cards. It is designed so it could be folded and/or laminated. If you want a pdf of the current version (it is still being tweaked), let me know.

      Mike W.


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      > > So ... got it open, took crappy phone pictures, and then closed it / packed for bringing to Trenton.
      > Does MARCH have some original 8008 documentation? Chances are most people seeing this won't know what an 8008 is. They might know what an 8080 is. I suppose it would be best, if someone could reprint one of the Intel 8008 manuals so people can paw though it without risk of damage or worse, loss.
      > it would save some wear and tear, if photos of the boards could be displayed. I suppose photos of another Mark-8 board's would be a substitute on short notice.
      > Herb
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