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29531Oy vey! Gross mischaracterizations of our hobby.

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  • Evan Koblentz
    Mar 5, 2013
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      It pains me to criticize "the media" because I'm in it. But ... recently
      I was grossly misquoted by the financial site Bankrate.com, re: any
      value in vintage computing.


      I don't even recall anyone from that site ever contacting me! I think
      the write just copied information that I told another financial site,
      Minyanville.com, two years ago:


      Bankrate's story says that a desktop PC from 1998 could be a valuable
      collectible, with the implication that I'm the source of such nonsense.
      It also says that sky-high early Apple prices are "the excitement" that
      "led to" formation of groups like MARCH.

      (As many (most?) of you know, MARCH formed back in 2005, solely to allow
      collectors in our region to meet, tinker on vintage computers, and have

      We retrocomputing folks will never have the numbers of the Beanie Baby
      people, but, help a brother out: go to the Bankrate story, scroll down
      to find my comment, and vote it "up" by clicking the caret symbol
      underneath and to the left of the comment.

      More bad news: the story was picked up by Fox Business, where presumably
      many more people will see it than on Bankrate, but where there's no
      comment system. Soooo, a bunch of people will see the Fox version and
      get the idea that Pentium Windows 98 computers are ** L@@K R@RE !! and
      worth BIG BUCKS over on eBay. Oh, joy.


      Please know that it's not my fault. ;)

      - Evan
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