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29504re: [midatlanticretro] Re: Roll Call for VCF E

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  • B. Degnan
    Mar 2, 2013

      > >
      > Um, there's actually a lot I could bring from around 1975. It's hard to
      decide among single-boards like KIM, or systems like the Northstar Horizon.
      I've committed to bring the Xitan TDL system, it's a "local" product, but
      it won't be running. Its Z80 board was pretty early.

      I had written earlier that it'd be better for this particular exhibit that
      we try to bring one complete and functional "system" rather than a
      hoge-podge of stuff. Don't feel obligated to bring the XITAN, if it does
      not work.

      > I've got a couple of thoughts about a running system. The Northstar
      Horizon is pretty "clean" but age-appropriate - you guys won't call it
      "homebrew". But it runs, CP/M at that. So does (or did) my Heath H-8. I
      suppose I could add an ADM-3A to keep it all period. But it's not like I
      can run Spacewar, or even Adventure, just not my thing to run games. I
      could at least show a papertape system with it (the H-10 reader/punch),
      again not running. I did not expect this event.
      > One of the more unusual computers in retrospect, is "the digital group",
      now kind of scarce. the model I happen to have certainly LOOKS "homebrew"
      as it's hot-wired up in various ways. Again, not running. It's in-theme by
      date and appearance. But as I've posted I have mixed feelings about showing
      stuff that looks wired up (in other words, NORMAL for 1977) just to be
      ridiculed as hopelessly primitive.

      If you want to keep it simple, an SBC that turns on a light when you change
      the value of a memory location would be just fine and would demonstrate the
      homebrew principles we discussed. But a Horizon that works is fine too. I
      assume Evan will be bringing the Apple I, which is effectively an Apple II
      without a case, not really homebrew in the traditional sense except that
      you could buy the kit version. But it's a crowd pleaser.

      Please don't stress this. We have a small classroom, not much space.
      Choose a nice compact, labeled system. I will be bringing (probably) my
      Altair 680 with hacked SWTPc RAM cards. Not sure what kind of terminal.

      We'll do another roll call of items being exhibited in about a week.


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