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29496Events beyond Trenton

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  • Evan Koblentz
    Feb 28, 2013
      There are a few other "science fair"-type of events this spring beside just Trenton. I really enjoy demo'ing the MARCH gospel at these events, so I will probably attend them all with (at least) a small booth, if not larger displays based on regional interest among our members.

      Here is what's coming up soon:

      March 9 - Ridgewood, NJ - Super Science Saturday:

      April 20 - Philadelphia - Science Carnival:

      April 27 - Westport, CT - Mini-Maker Faire:

      Does anyone know of other events (not hamfests) where MARCH could exhibit?

      As mentioned a while ago, we'll probably have some kind of MARCH event on the weekend that was reserved for VCF East 9.0 (May 18/19). We'll also go back to World Maker Faire this fall in NY. (What about the HOPE conference, you ask? It only runs in even-numbered years.)