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29464Re: Mark 8 pictures

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  • ekoblentz
    Feb 26, 2013
      Ah-ha! Now that I'm watching the video on a large screen, vs. on my phone, I see what I did wrong last night. When sitting intact (case on), it looks like the front panel just unscrews. But now I see that the front panel stays in place and the whole top lifts off.

      For all the times I've opened MARCH's Altairs, IMSAIs, North*, etc., you'd think I would know that by now!?!?

      In my defense :) what confused me was the lack of screws on the sides and bottom. It didn't look like the sides/top were removable. Only screws are on the front panel, so it looked like the computer slides forward, as with a cabinet drawer.

      Looking forward to having another try at it tonight (possibly not until 9:30/10ish).

      I heard something small rattling inside -- sounded like a screw or a nut -- it's probably what holds the other bank of LEDs to the front panel.
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