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29432Re: [midatlanticretro] A real Mark-8 for MARCH

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  • Systems Glitch
    Feb 25, 2013
      > I have some of these Bugbooks, so do many here including Dan R if I remember
      > correctly.

      I've got a pile of them, very useful references. I used to find them in the Blacksburg YMCA store's book section now and then, which is how I found out about them. The 8080/8085 two-book series is excellent and what got me started in 8080/8085 assembly programming and low-level design.

      The Floyd museum is something I've been meaning to check out...my parents live an hour away in southern WV so perhaps we can make a stop next time we're down on vacation. I'd heard of the Floyd country store when I was in school at Virginia Tech, but didn't know a computer museum existed!

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