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29382Anyone heard of Unicom or Quay?

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  • ekoblentz
    Feb 23, 2013
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      More nuggets from skimming the ACS newsletters:

      - Unicom Inc. in 1970 had a computer called the "CP-8A" for $1,800. Not a hobby kit, but Gray saw fit to mention it with the headline, "Cheapest Commercial Computer?"

      - In part four of a kit round-up (Aug. 76), Gray cites Quay Corp.'S 80A1 which uses a Z-80 and 2.5MHz clock "so you can run Altair 8800 software". The reason I'm mentioning it now on the MARCH list: Quay was in Freehold, NJ.

      There are tons of other fascinating things in these newsletters. They are a goldmine. I regret now reading them years ago. Better late than never...
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