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29350RE: [midatlanticretro] Roll Call for VCF E

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  • Wesley Furr
    Feb 23, 2013
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      I find it interesting the similarity of things today with people taking the
      Raspberry Pi (and/or Arduino) and controlling things, creating projects,
      etc. Obviously the Pi is much more advanced...but it is striking the
      similarity to the Apple I. Bare board, bring your own power supply,
      keyboard, mouse, case, storage, etc...


      -----Original Message-----

      Bill G - OK Yes RCA Cosmac
      Dave Comley - Some sort of video or "action" if possible for the KIM, but
      within convenience.

      It's not always easy to translate the real homebrew spirit into today's
      context. We're really not educating if all we do is show the computers
      playing primitive games only. Many people back then would build a SBC to do
      something behind the scenes like operate a HAM tuner, A-D conversion, and
      serial controls. I think it would be great if for example the KIM was set
      up to shine a LCD light when certain HEX values were in a particular
      location in memory to illustrate how the KIM was used to automate the
      lighting of a house (doll house) or operate a train set.

      But on the other hand we have lives, so do what you can.

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