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29331Roll Call for VCF E

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  • B Degnan
    Feb 22, 2013

      Sitting here are the airport in Chicago….weather related layover, ug.


      Anyway, here is what I have so far for Trenton, the theme is homebrew era microcomputers.  If you have anything from 1974-76 especially something that works please try to exhibit. 


      Me (Bill Deg) Altair8800 not sure which model maybe a turnkey this time) and Altair 680. 

      Herb Johnson XITAN Z80 system

      Bill Dromgoole – OSI 300

      Bob Applegate  homebrew system(?)

      Jon Chapman (? – do you want to bring your Altair 8800 instead and I can bring something else?)

      Someone with a exhibit-able working  PDP 8i/e/f or a PDP 11 05/10/35/40/20

      Someone with a Teletype-driven system


      Evan/MARCH – Apple I, Mark 8, KIM? and misc other homebrew stuff as needed to fill the classroom, if we don’t have enough exhibits.


      In addition to our club, the plan is to spread the word to the history, comp-sci and comp engineering departments to encourage a few students to come visit, even if they were not interested in the TCF otherwise.  Maybe we can get RCF to send out a bulletin about our exhibit too.




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