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29322A real Mark-8 for MARCH

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  • ekoblentz
    Feb 22, 2013
      Great news! MARCH's own Dave Larsen is providing a long-term loan of a real (not replica) Mark-8 minicomputer for our homebrew museum exhibit.

      This deal has been in the works for a while now. Dave mailed us the computer today and gave his permission for me to tell all of you.

      Just as exciting, Dave gave us permission to restore the computer to working order! I am appointing Bill Degnan to lead a restoration team, and Corey Cohen to fabricate the computer's case.

      When the times comes to start restoration, Bill will announce it here, and then people can volunteer to help.

      Meanwhile, I will bring the computer as-is to our Trenton exhibit. Of course it will be "no touch" at that point.

      I suspect that many MARCHins may not realize just * who * Dave is. He's not just a collector -- he ran the Blacksburg Group with Jon Titus. So he was right there with Jon when they made the Mark-8 and while they wrote the classic BugBooks.

      In my opinion, it's pretty cool to have someone like him quietly here in our group. :)

      Please join me in thanking Dave for this very generous sharing of his musuem artifact.
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