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29293Great news re: Museum power situation

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  • ekoblentz
    Feb 18, 2013
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      We can open soon!!!

      Dan Lieb, who runs the shipwreck group and represents all of the member groups to the InfoAge board of directors, announced the following tonight:

      Here is the current status with InfoAge and our power situation:


      Short-term:  Wall is going to loan us a 400kw generator for up to 90 days. The hookup is expected in 7 to 10 days. This should be enough to power up most of InfoAge. (Evan's note: that means we can open the museum. Woohoo!)

      Mid-term: While this is going on, Fred is going to continue to pursue the Princeton transformer. Wall is probably going to help us with transportation and installation. (Evan's note: This refers to Princeton U. which is giving InfoAge a transformer. Fred previously told me that transformer is too big; seems he and/or the town changed their minds.)
      Long-term: Wall is going to get with JCP&L to get our buildings metered starting with the buildings we are now using. The rest of the buildings will be metered as we spread out to occupy them. (Evan's note: This means town officials had enough sense to understand that spending some money now means cost savings later. For example, right now, InfoAge pays whatever the transformer sucks in. But if the buildings are metered, then InfoAge only pays what we actually use, which at least for the next few years will be much less than the transformer approach.)
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