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29289Stephen Gray mini-rescue

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  • ekoblentz
    Feb 18, 2013
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      I went on a (small) rescue mission today.

      Stephen Gray, as some of you may know, published the "Amateur Computer Society" which was a snail-mailed newsletter from 1966 to 1976. The newsletters are already online:


      In the 1990s, Stephen donated 95% of his archive to the Charles Babbage Institute.

      Today I met with his adult daughter Elizabeth. She gave MARCH the rest. It includes:

      - Copies of his correspondence to/from various companies and granting organization, in search of funding to form ACS (including an original IBM letter hand-signed by Thomas J. Watson Jr.)

      - Copies of Stephen's correspondence to/from various technical magazines, in preparation for advertising ACS

      - An audio cassette of his lecture from the 1976 National Computer Conference

      - Printouts of every article he wrote for Creative Computing

      - Misc. articles and notes, etc.

      - A shrink-wrapped (new in box) Psion Series 5 plus another Series 5 by itself

      - Some kind of portable music synthesizer

      I have Elizabeth's permission to use these artifacts as we see fit. Most of it will go into our library. We'll make an MP3 of the lecture cassette.

      I will see how much the sealed Psion Series 5 is worth. We might sell that if it could buy us another shelving unit, etc.

      Elizabeth also said that she has her father's detailed diaries at her home in Massachusetts. I will have a chance to look through them.
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