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29265RE: [midatlanticretro] OT: Asteroids!

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  • Brian Schenkenberger, VAXman-
    Feb 15, 2013
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      "B Degnan" <billdeg@...> writes:

      >I bet, and this is just a hunch, that the meteorite that hit Russia a
      >part of a "cloud" of debris loosely following that larger asteroid that
      >is due to pass the Earth today, I think within tens of thousands of
      >miles. I would expect another meteor strike in the next 72 hours, I may
      >take the telescope out tonight, last night was a good night (the moon
      >was still small after new moon).

      You're expecting to see 2102 D14? If you could, I'd wager you'd only see
      it very very briefly in your field of view as it passes and, even if your
      telescope has tracking capabilites, those are not geared to track a fast
      moving object such as 2102 D14 wizzing by at 20K miles out. ;)

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