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29180Re: The VCFSE Press Release

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  • Stephen L
    Feb 7, 2013
      > As I understand it, the new "Computer Museum of America" is one person's private collection.
      > I don't see how owning dozens/hundreds of redundant models of Macs is interesting to anyone.

      --- CMoA is the brainchild of Lonnie Mimms. He has been working for many years to find a way of creating a viable public computer history museum in the Southeast. It is to be based on his personal collection, which includes Cray I, Cray II, original working Apple I, Xerox Alto, parts of SAGE, NASA spacecraft computer and countless other notable machines. You can see a few pix here:


      and many more here:


      While CMoA will have a significant exhibit at VCFSE, of course it will only be only a small part of the entire collection, which is housed in three buildings. VCFSE may include an offsite tour of the CMoA collection. Check with VCFSE for details.

      By the way, the stacks of Macs illustration used by one of the media articles about VCFSE hardly represents the Apple exhibit which will be there. As you can see from the list of separate rooms in the VCFSE press release, it should offer a comprehensive overview of the Apple legacy, with an impressive display of historic Apple products.

      Note: I am not associated with VCFSE in any way. Just speaking from previous personal acquaintance with AHCS and the good people involved.

      Steve L.

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