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29110Re: [midatlanticretro] Re: Bad news, good news: VCF East 9.0 cancelled due to Sandy

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  • Bob Schwier
    Jan 30, 2013


      --- In mailto:midatlanticretro%40yahoogroups.com, Systems Glitch wrote:
      > Well, if we want to do a workshop sometime this spring/summer AND ensure there is power, I'll be buying an army surplus MEP-003A generator upstate and lugging it down to WV for my parents. It puts out 13 kW, runs on diesel,.....

      This is out of my experience, but a bit of Web-reading tells me these can use a lot of diesel, and diesel is probably $4 a gallon by now in NJ. Someone who knows, will know the math on this for a few or several KW load per hour. Natural gas may be a better deal, for KW per dollar, these days.

      But it seems to me, such things ought to be discussed privately with Evan, as "infoage business". Myself, I'd be curious to find out your operating costs.

      Herb Johnson
      I'll throw my two cents in.  The virtue of diesel is that it is possible to render alternatives to same which may be useful down
      the road.
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