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29106WTB: tandon drives, TRS80 Model II

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  • s100doctor
    Jan 29, 2013
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      I could use some mechanical parts from a couple of 5.25-inch tandon TM-100 full height drives. Mostly the front "latch" which often breaks at those little pins. These seem to go for several tens of dollars "sometimes", that seems excessive, again this is a "parts" situation.

      Also; I'm looking for some 12-inch diagonal, B&W CRT's. I suspect I MAY be able to use a Tandy TRS-80 model II or similar CRT. so I'd like one of these puppies to see. If one works, I'd want more, at the tens-of-dollars level.

      These items are not worth shipping for what I'm asking, but if someone happens to visit InfoAge in due course and could drag these along, I have an interest and would pick them up there. Contact me c/o my Web site, I'm not a daily reader "here".

      Herb Johnson
      S-100 aggressive deconstruction