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29073Re: Bad news, good news: VCF East 9.0 cancelled due to Sandy; but ....

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  • s100doctor
    Jan 27, 2013
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      --- In midatlanticretro@yahoogroups.com, Kyle Owen wrote:
      > Maybe this could be a good excuse for some travel down south to Atlanta for
      > the VCF-SE 1.0! :)

      The following opinions are mine, I do not represent MARCH.

      I'm glad Kyle and others mentioned the Atlanta event. It occurs in April, before the VCF-E in May; and is hundreds of miles from central NJ, and from me. I'm not doing two events in 30 days, so the previously-clear choice for me as an exhibitor was VCF-E.

      Evan made a good decision to cancel VCF-E at the end of January, because that gives time for me and other VCF-E participants to 1) avoid planing travel and lodging to Wall NJ, completing exhibits, etc. and 2) time to consider the same A MONTH EARLIER to Atlanta.

      Given VCF support to MARCH for its events, I think Evan should extend a courtesy to VCF-SE and encourage/invite posts by the Atlanta group about their event. They may be shy about seeming to take advantage of InfoAge's unfortunate situation. I've not made a decision and I would appreciate more information;. Also, I'd consider car-pooling and related shared planning, with my local colleagues.

      As for planning an alternate event by MARCH/InfoAge on the VCF-E weekend, that's fine as well. Many local people would not likely make a choice, or even be aware of the other venue, or might attend both. A MARCH event which calls for little planning and only modest services, essentially makes promises that if "broken" (say Wall Township prohibits public events) would cause little grief, under these catastrophic circumstances.

      Herb Johnson
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