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29041Re: I am definitely going to have to start a SOL restoration blog...

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  • corey986
    Jan 23, 2013
      Good point. It's a linear type supply.

      I can hook one up tomorrow I have one I use for testing switching supplies.


      --- In midatlanticretro@yahoogroups.com, David Gesswein wrote:
      > On Wed, Jan 23, 2013 at 10:35:57PM -0000, corey986 wrote:
      > > >From a power supply perspective the power supply puts out about 4.7 volts
      > > on the 5v when not plugged into the motherboard, but 3.7 volts when plugged
      > > in, so something is drawing it down.
      > ...
      > > so I can pull all the chips and perform the check out procedure
      > >
      > Not knowing anything about what type of supply this is...
      > Since its low unloaded you may want to test it with a load resistor of
      > the expected draw to see if the power supply is bad and its not a loading
      > problem.
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