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29004Bad news, good news: VCF East 9.0 cancelled due to Sandy; but ....

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  • Evan Koblentz
    Jan 21, 2013
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      Hi all --

      Very sorry, but we're cancelling East 9.0 because of the uncertain power
      situation at InfoAge.

      The MARCH board put a lot of thought into this decision. Our reasoning is:

      - InfoAge will * probably * have power restored within a month or two
      .... but we can't plan an event as complicated as VCF on a "probably".
      There is too much risk involved. To pull off a top-notch VCF East, we
      needed to start serious planning NOW.

      - We considered bringing in a large generator, or moving the event
      elsewhere, or postponing it by a couple of months. We decided that a
      large generator is too expensive (thousands of dollars); going elsewhere
      would also be pricey and we'd lose the museum attractions (along with
      controlling the power, security, etc.); while postponing the event
      messes with a whole other variety of logistics (school years, holidays,
      other InfoAge events, etc.)

      - Even if the power is brought back next week (it won't be, but I'm just
      making a point), we had to draw a decision-making deadline somewhere.

      - We know from experience that simply skipping one year won't hurt us
      too badly, marketing-wise. We skipped 2010, and VCF West skipped a year
      once, with no ill effects.

      - We had two or three cool speakers / panels being arranged for this
      year, but we didn't have any "killer" speakers lined up, unlike last year.

      Now for THE GOOD NEWS!

      - VCF East 9.0 will be back, and awesome, in 2014. I promise!!!!

      - This year, we will probably have an alternate event, at InfoAge, on
      the same weekend originally announced for VCF East (May 18-19). As we
      said, there "probably" will be power, and our "probable" event will be a
      MARCH swap meet on 5/18, with some kind of to-be-determined
      cross-pollination re: OMARC's hamfest down the street that same day.

      - We have not yet figured out details for the swap meet. When we do,
      we'll give it a unique name, and we'll announce it widely.


      - Planning a full-fledged VCF East, for me, is like having a part-time
      job for six months. By taking a year off, I'll be much more relaxed in
      2013. :)

      - It gives everyone an extra year to work on their collections and
      develop kick-ass exhibits for 2014.

      - Without the pressure of VCF East this year, we as a club can focus
      more on organizing our warehouse, having tech weekends, etc.

      - We're doing well, money-wise, so we can afford to skip VCF East this
      year without worrying about next year's budget.

      Again, I'm very sorry for letting people down about the VCF East. I know
      how much everyone enjoys the event, hearing the speakers, putting
      together exhibits, and getting immense satisfaction in showing your work
      to the public. Unfortunately this year it was not to be.

      Anyone with questions/concerns is welcome to post in reply to this
      message and/or to contact me privately if you wish. I'm sad about the
      decision, but glad to explain it as much as necessary.

      - Evan (evan@... / 646-546-9999)
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