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28977Re: [midatlanticretro] Re: Fwd: Vintage Computer Festival Archvies STOLEN by Tri-Valley Recycling in Stockton - now selling on eBay as seller "tvrsales"

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  • ekoblentz
    Jan 17, 2013
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      >> I don't understand. Has he not contacted ebay? Wouldn't ebay halt the auctions if it was made clear all the items in question were stolen or at least part of an ongoing lawsuit?

      Ebay would only take action if items were "stolen" in the traditional sense, if you had a police report, etc. ... Sellam is alleging that his warehouse landlord illegally seized his property and sold it to the recycler.

      In plain English: stolen is stolen. If items aren't legally mine, and I take them from you, then I stole 'em.

      But as far as the law is concerned -- or at least as I understand it -- there's a big legal difference between criminal theft and civil seizure. Ebay probably isn't going to take action if someone asserts that a seller bought something from another party who allegedly stole from you, unless you had legal proof.
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