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28949Re: [midatlanticretro] Fwd: Vintage Computer Festival Archvies STOLEN by Tri-Valley Recycling in Stockton - now selling on eBay as seller "tvrsales"

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  • evan@snarc.net
    Jan 14, 2013
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      >> This was just posted on cctalk - it is most horrible news!  A great resource will be lost if these bastards are allowed to keep stealing and selling Sellam's collection.

      Guys -- as you all know I am very close friends with Sellam (as are a few other MARCHins), and so I and maybe one or two others know much more about the situation that we cannot and will not discuss. Don't even think about asking me for details.

      Keep in mind that the legal process is very complicated, it's full of interpretations, and there are multiple sides to every story.

      But as Sellam wrote, the situation is ultra-delicate. I agree with his assessment that it's best not to get involved in the transactions.

      So it's best if this news NOT sink into a thread where all of us non-lawyers speculate based on information from one party's email.
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