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28948Fwd: Vintage Computer Festival Archvies STOLEN by Tri-Valley Recycling in Stockton - now selling on eBay as seller "tvrsales"

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  • Bryan Pope
    Jan 14, 2013
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      This was just posted on cctalk - it is most horrible news!  A great resource will be lost if these bastards are allowed to keep stealing and selling Sellam's collection.

      If anyone can help Sellam, please do!


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      Subject:Vintage Computer Festival Archvies STOLEN by Tri-Valley Recycling in Stockton - now selling on eBay as seller "tvrsales"
      Date:Mon, 14 Jan 2013 18:47:59 -0800 (PST)
      From:Sellam Ismail <sellam@...>
      Reply-To:General Discussion: On-Topic and Off-Topic Posts <cctalk@...>
      To:Classic Computers Mailing List <cctalk@...>

      eBay seller id "tvrsales" is currently selling property STOLEN from the 
      Vintage Computer Festival.
      If you are planning on buying anything of a vintage computer nature from 
      eBay seller "tvrsales" in Stockton, California, please know that you are 
      The VCF Archives were STOLEN by Tri-Valley Recycling (eBay ID "tvrsales") 
      in cahoots with the landlords of the building where it was sold.
      The sordid tale can be read about through lawsuit material already on my 
      website for download:
      I encourage everyone to read through the letters and especially the 
      affidavit to see the absolute criminality of these vultures.  I am 
      continuing to upload more material as I have time, but the basic story is 
      The court system was absolutely useless, as were the police and sheriff.  
      I am having to sue for conversion, fraud, racketeering, unjust enrichment, 
      and probably other charges as I continue my research.
      I am here to tell you right now: Anyone on the receiving end of my stolen 
      property is going to be entangled in this mess one way or another.  
      Therefore, my suggestion to you is that YOU SHOULD NOT BID ON OR BUY 
      up with my stuff, you will become a part of the lawsuit in some way.  So 
      if you don't want to have legal issues to deal with, stay away from 
      anything they are selling.  I think I have made myself redundantly clear 
      The full story will come out in time.  Right now I'm re-grouping for my 
      next legal attack.  Yes, I could use assistance, especially if you have a 
      law background and can do research for me.  Sure, I could use money, so 
      send some if you got it.  I don't need attorneys.  Attorneys are useless 
      in the capacity that I am acting.  I'm doing this the proper way: myself.
      My entire career as a computer historian has been destroyed by these 
      hyenas.  Now I have to sit here and watch as they auction off 25 years of 
      my life's work piece by piece.  Don't be caught in the frenzy when the 
      lion shows up.
      Sellam Ismail                                                      VintageTech
      International Man of Intrigue and Danger            http://www.vintagetech.com
      Whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap...The truth is always simple.
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