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28944Re: VCF Est 9.0 dates/ & an Introduction

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  • s100doctor
    Jan 13, 2013
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      > On 1/8/2013 11:20 PM, evan@... wrote:
      > > It's not a problem. OMARC events are held down the street at the TIROS site. VCF East is held on the main campus.......
      > >
      --- , "jgalinat2004" wrote:
      > I pasted Evan's reply above as it looks like it went to me personally & not to the list.
      > Hi Evan, OK, I am glad there are no conflicts with the
      > OMARC hamfest. I just wanted to point it out in case something
      > would be overlooked. I have never attended the OMARC hamfest
      > so I was not sure when they set it up. Since last year's
      >VCF East was my first, I only had that end of the campus as
      > a reference.

      I don't speak for OMARC or MARCH. But I've attended both events in 2012. (OMARC had a couple hamfests.) My experience was that the hamfests were self-contained at the Diana site including parking and food. I suspect it would be a benefit for OMARC to coincide with VCF-E. I'd encourage the two of them to coordinate, compliment their advertizing if at all possible. SInce both derive income from attendence, it seems to me: "Sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander".

      Herb Johnson
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