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28899Re: [midatlanticretro] InfoAge power update

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  • William Donzelli
    Jan 10, 2013
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      > So that is all that I know. There is no timeline. Some people are
      > expressing confidence that it'll be solved and back to normal within a few
      > weeks or maybe a month or two. Others are more pessimistic, or realistic,
      > depending on who's asked. :) Nobody truly knows.

      I would err on the pessimistic side, and plan on moving VCFeast
      further into the year (just keep in mind other major events, like MIT
      Flea, the Sussex hamfest, various other big days).

      It may take a long time to get a new transformer. I was just at a
      storage place in Changebridge, next to a utility storage yard - and
      the place has been raped of every transformer and gizmo, and is now a
      big parking lot. I bet this is a common site all over the Northeast,
      probably well into the Midwest. I would also bet that the companies
      that make transformers are completely slammed with backorders. A small
      museum probably does not have the pull that a power-sucking warehouse
      or factory has, and they may make Infoage wait. Keep in ming that
      transformers will continue to fail over the next year or so, as the
      ones weakened by the storm give up.

      You may want to call up some of the transformer companies and ask what
      a realistic leadtime might be for the product Infoage needs.

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