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28892Re: VCF Est 9.0 dates/ & an Introduction

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  • jgalinat2004
    Jan 9, 2013
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      On 1/8/2013 11:20 PM, evan@... wrote:

      > It's not a problem. OMARC events are held down the street at the TIROS site. VCF East is held on the main campus. Last year, on the first day of VCF, we filled the main campus parking lot and had to send a few people down to the TIROS lot. But that was due to the inventor of BASIC keynoting our show. :) I don't expect any speakers quite so impressive this time around. Also there are other backup lots we could use. There aren't any other shared resources. Perhaps a few tables/chairs might be in contention but we can easily get more of simple material goods if needed.

      I pasted Evan's reply above as it looks like it went to me personally & not to the list.

      Hi Evan, OK, I am glad there are no conflicts with the OMARC hamfest. I just wanted to point it out in case something would be overlooked. I have never attended the OMARC hamfest so I was not sure when they set it up. Since last year's VCF East was my first, I only had that end of the campus as a reference.

      > Welcome to our list. Several MARCHins are hams too. Please introduce yourself.

      To introduce myself, my name is Jeff Galinat and I have been involved with microcomputers & mainframe computers since 1977. I built an IMSAI 8080 during IBM basic training in Chicago. I bought it to & from home a few boards at a time until all the soldering was done. I soldered 1600 of the 2200 pin backplane (22 slot version)in one night & was amazed that it worked. I purchased the NorthStar floppy disk system shortly after and had a good deal of fun with it until I sold it in the early 80's.
      I was an IBM customer engineer for 17 years, starting with S/360 I/O link 2540 reader/punches, 1403 printers and similar equipment. I became CPU trained with the 4300 line and was then trained on the large water cooled machines like the 308x, 3090, and 9021 CPUs. I left in 1994 as I was tired of weekend work & call outs from home.
      I have recently rekindled my interest in vintage microcomputers and plan on putting together an S-100 system or 2, with one being mostly home-brewed. This may be a pipe dream but I think I can do it. I am still hashing out details in my head. In the interest of getting reacquainted with some 8 bit hardware, Last year I built Briel Altair 8800 Micro and MicroKIM kits to play with and then purchased an 1802 Membership card kit at VCF East from Herb Johnson. I met Herb & Bill Degnan at the Trenton Computer Fest last March so I have met at least 2 members. As a final note, I have been selling in the TCF flea market for 36 years so I may have met other member along the way.
      Sorry, I am l not usually so long winded but I wanted to give you a complete history.
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