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28863Re: Altair 8800 Web Emulator

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  • joshbensadon
    Jan 8, 2013
      > ----------------------------------------------
      > Start the clock:
      > First set up the physical connection between teletype and computer, then test RAM to be sure you have a working system. Next toggle in the boot strap and verify it’s in RAM. Carefully insert the absolute loader tape in the teletype reader. Run the bootstrap loaded. wait for the abs loader to be read in. check to be sure it is loaded into RAM. Then remove abs loader tape, and set up BASIC tape in reader. run abs loader and read in basic tape. If you are ok the basic program will automatically start up when tape finishes. Otherwise you can check the beginning and end of the RAM space used by BASIC hoping only the first few hex commands were missing and correct the values manually and run manually.
      > 1 hour is reasonable. Hard to complete in less than 30 mins.

      Hi Bill,

      Yeah, I guess on a change of venue it would take the hour or probably more depending on the failure(s), but on a day to day process, the equipment might already be set up, the programmer might already trust the RAM, etc. Actually, day to day, I might guess the machine would be left on over night? New question, did the programmer save his/her work on to paper tape? How often I wonder?

      I can only relate to starting up a Data General computer, DG1 I think. I had to enter a 77 byte tape boot loader manually from a terminal, then play a micro cassette. It was a boat anchor 20 years ago, but I wish I had the foresight to keep it. My customer kept their machine running 24/7, they even had a UPS for it. The UPS was something to see in itself. Three separate parts, Battery charger, Batteries and the Inverter.

      Note, after entering the 77 byte boot loader a few times, I wrote a program on the TRS-80 model 100 to send those 77 bytes for me. That was a great relief!

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