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28809Potential Rescue of Kaypros, etc.

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  • Christian R. Fandt
    Jan 3, 2013
      Greetings everyone,

      I'm leaping out of my longtime Lurk Mode for awhile now to work on a rescue
      of maybe six Kaypro II machines plus possibly some other earlier equipment
      and stuff from a defunct computer shop. So I need your help. Are there any
      folks who may open their homes to some lonesome, indigent computer equipment?

      I just talked to the owner of the stuff. He reports it is some gear left in
      a now-closed computer shop he once operated in a small village in the
      Northern part of this county which, ironically, is my original hometown.

      He wasn't able to talk long because he seems to be in rather frail in
      health. He indicated he had heart surgery a couple times over the past
      several years. But the info I got was there are the several Kaypros I
      mentioned above of which he refurbished and got operational before he
      ceased operation of the shop. He went on to say "...they were last turned
      on over three years ago" - which is probably when his health went downhill.

      He mentioned there's an 8" IBM floppy drive made by some other company I
      could not understand the name from him; a "1980" IBM computer (which may
      actually be a very early PC post-'82). I asked if it was a business
      computer (i.e., not a regular PC), but he didn't (couldn't?) talk much more
      about details and wanted to quit the call because of his getting worn out
      from the effort (sure sounded it). And before we closed the conversation he
      mentioned "...other stuff, whatever I could take".

      A _big_ issue is that the stuff should be grabbed like right now as the
      building keys were originally intended to be turned-in on 31 December and
      they could eventually be collected by his lawyer in the next days. I
      believe I can get up there Saturday morning to load up my RAV4-if the keys
      are still available. And he said I have only a short time to fetch and load
      as he cannot stand around long and especially get chilled. No heat or water
      on. It's been hanging around the high 20's around here since the Holidays
      with only just a few feet of snowfall since then.

      What I need is commitment of good homes for most of this stuff. Also a way
      to get it to any of you Real Soon Now because I have nearly no room to
      store the gear except for a short time. And I _simply cannot_ afford
      fronting the shipping costs as we're pretty darned poor around here until
      Bev finds a decent paying job (A job like that around this area? Ha!). And
      as you can imagine from that statement, I cannot afford to drive the stuff
      downstate towards Jersey.

      Please note that I'm on the fence whether to take the 8" floppy drive
      and/or a Kaypro out of the pile for my own collection.

      Jamestown, where the gear could potentially end up, is in the very farthest
      west county in Western New York state. It is 80 miles S. of Buffalo, 55
      miles E. of Erie, 150 miles from either Pittsburgh, Cleveland and
      Rochester, and 400-450 miles from Wall, NJ -depending upon route chosen.
      So, unfortunately, I'm not that close to most of the rest of our fellow

      My full contact info is below. Please don't call after 9PM (yeah, I know
      this is being posted after 9 PM tonight :-/ ). If you feel you really need
      to contact me during the day, you may call me at the office: 716-456-2494
      which is my desk, no receptionist, per se. If I'm in a meeting or out on
      the production floor just leave a message.

      Thanks for reading this! Let me know what you can do to commit to most of
      this stuff, if possible.

      Best regards,
      -Chris F.

      Christian R. and Beverly J. Fandt
      31 Houston Avenue Electronic/Electrical Historian
      Jamestown, New York Phone: +716-488-1722
      14701-2627 USA email: cfandt@...
      Members of Antique Wireless Association
      URL: http://www.antiquewireless.org/
      (Old Museum today)
      http://www.antiquewirelessmuseum.com (Upcoming
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