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28763re: RK05s, was Re: [midatlanticretro] Re: OT: What tech toys did you get for the holidays?

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  • B. Degnan
    Dec 27, 2012
      > Hi Bill,
      > > Fortunately I have 4 RK05's for my 8e (two original packs, and
      > > copies of the two). I wish I had spares for you, but I would be
      > > happy to make you a boot disk if you send me your new pack. I have
      > > the system set up and ready to go, I am in Landenberg, PA.

      Correction - I have 4 disk packs for my two RK05's. They're set up in
      tandem as drive 0 and 1.

      > --- Awesome systems! Geez, I would really appreciate that. It would save
      a major hassle in trying to build OS/8 from paper tape images. Prior to
      that, having a known good disk to read would also facilitate
      drive/controller hardware debugging. I won't have an alignment cart, so
      this drive might not initially align with your tracks. However, I'm
      optimistic that I can work out a way to align to those tracks.
      > Athana said that some of their staff is out for the holidays, so the
      disks won't ship until next week. There's a week transit from CA and
      perhaps a couple days to PA, so it might be Jan. 15th before I can get it
      to you.

      OK. I ordered a few too, why not.

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