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28721Re: So my SOL arrived yesterday... And it's like a 60's musclecar

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  • corey986
    Dec 25, 2012
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      Hey Evan, Merry Festivus!!!!
      You do know I'm only razzing you...

      Enjoy the day... I'm taking a brake from playing Zork now to go see the Hobbit.


      --- In midatlanticretro@yahoogroups.com, evan@... wrote:
      > >> This machine had some heavy upgrades in the early 80's (kinda makes Evan's IMSAI story about the WarGames computer being an "obsolete" setup that didn't really belong not as plausible, because seeing what someone did to this machine to make it fast and current, I could see a high school kid cobbling together a 6 year old Imsai chassis and sup'ping it up one component at a time as he had cash)
      > Whoa. I do tell museum visitors that the WarGames IMSAI is somewhat anachronistic ('75 computer in '83 movie), but it's only to make the point about how much personal micros advanced in eight years. Your point is taken, though.
      > >> Opening the package from UPS, I felt like a guy who got a 67 mustang fastback that has had a blower and widened finders and a roll cage who likes things stock.
      > More power!
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