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28700SGI Inventory Blowout (fwd)

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  • Mike Loewen
    Dec 23, 2012
      If anyone is interested, please contact Lionel.

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      Date: Sun, 23 Dec 2012 08:15:15 -0500
      From: Lionel Peterson <lionel4287@...>
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      Subject: [rescue] SGI Inventory Blowout

      I have come to the decision that I no longer need to hold on to my SGI
      collection, so I am willing to let it all go for the low, low price of FREE,
      either for pick-up or delivery within 50 miles of Trenton, NJ. Delivery as far
      south as Washington. D.C. area, as far west as the Harrisburg, PA area, and as
      far north as Hartford, CT area.

      What I have, briefly is the following:

      5 Octanes in good physical conditions, with varying processors, RAM, HD, and
      accessories installed. Four have complete skins, one is missing the front
      door/lid. All were removed working, and are presumed to be functional but

      5 Indigo2 workstations (3 labeled 'Impact 10000', 1 labeled 'Impact' and 1
      labeled 'Power EXtreme'). Actual RAM, HD, add-in cards unknown, but all should
      be complete systems. (I believe one is an R8000-based system, but I'm not
      positive.) All were removed working, and are presumed to be functional but

      Several SGI USB keyboard/mouse kits, some used, some that appear brand-new in

      1 17" SGI monitor

      Ideally, I'd like to find one person that is willing to take all of this in
      one delivery, but I am willing to discuss partial deliveries, but I'll ask for
      actual round-trip gas costs or other delivery method (UPS, FED-EX, etc).

      If interested, please contact me off-list.

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