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28696so bad, it's good!

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  • Jeff Jonas
    Dec 21 10:41 PM
      Friends who enjoy bad movies can't keep it to themselves:


      I just learned that this exists and I'm a little bit happier with the knowledge.

      Plan 9 from Outer Space (video game)

      The game starts when the producer notices that the film has been stolen by Bela Lugosi's double. The player must carry out a Epic search of the locations where Plan 9 from Outer Space was filmed to find the six missing reels.

      From the back of the DOS version box:

      Plan 9. The critics hated it. Bela Lugosi died during it. And his double has stolen it.
      Lugosi's replacement is still bitter after 33 years from critics' reviews dubbing his only movie "The Worst Film of All-Time". Even though he remained faceless, he intends to bring glory to the cult classic using more footage of himself and ... colorizing it. As the studio's Private Eye you'll search over 70 locations, find the 6 reels and screen the film, frame-by-frame, to ensure that the warped actor did not cut Bela from the flick. Using actual digitized film footage, you'll sweat each scene, examining Plan 9 with slow motion, freeze frame, fast forward and rewind. It's up to you to preserve its original awfulness.