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28659Sol-20 Rear Case Port sticker/decal

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  • corey986
    Dec 17, 2012
      OK, So I got a great deal on a Sol-20 that needs some work. It's in the mail and should arrive shortly, but it's missing a few things that have been noticed (thanks Bill D) right away.

      It's missing the original screws for the cover to case, no big deal I'm sure I can find replacements as I don't think Processor Tech machined their own, so it may take some time but I'll find them.

      The rear sticker/decal above the ports on the back is another issue. It's missing, I'll be able to tell if this is a kit when I get it and see the solder joints, so it could be that it was never there. Either way, I need a replacement.

      It appears to be about 3/4 of an inch high and runs the length of the port area and also appears to be flat black (maybe thats just the one I looked at yesterday at MARCH, maybe its gloss black when new). If it was gloss black I know I can make my own replacement with a label printer I have, but since it appears flat black, I will to have it made. I will try to put an existing sticker from a SOL on a flatbed scanner in the next week or so and then convert it to vector art work. Then I will have some made.

      If I have to have the sticker/decal made professionally to get the flat black, does anyone else need one. I expect to need a minimum of 10 to be produced and from some preliminary poking around the internet they should be about $10 each. Hopefully I can find a few other guys who need one.


      Oh I also plan on getting a batch of wood stain and touchup paint color matched as well, so anyone else who needs that we can have a Sol visual cleanup day or something at InfoAge/March and I can bring the right stuff/tools to work on the cases sometime in late January or Feb (have some other projects to finish up first).
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