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28627Re: [midatlanticretro] off topic- how to hand terminate ribbon cable

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  • Brian Schenkenberger, VAXman-
    Dec 14, 2012
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      Mr Ian Primus <ian_primus@...> writes:

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      >--- On Fri, 12/14/12, Ben Greenfield <ben@...> wrote: > > Not
      >exactly on topic but I feel the skills represented on > this list maybe
      >the finest on the internet for answering > this question.
      >I'd say this is exactly on topic - this is something that pretty much
      >everyone has to do at some point with vintage computers.
      >> I have 10 pin ribbon cable that I want to terminate I will only need
      >>to do it 10 times so if its's laborious. I have tried 3 variations
      >>of stripping the wires and using a hammer and block of wood. I'm now
      >>ready for some advice if anyone has got some.

      I was going to suggest poison or a gun! :)

      >Don't use a hammer and don't strip the wires. These are IDC connectors,
      >Insulation Displacement Connector. The teeth puncture the insulation on
      >the cable.
      >Place the ribbon cable into the connector and line it up with the teeth.
      >Then use a clamp, vice, or other object to slowly squeeze it together.
      >Personally, I use a quickgrip type clamp (the kind you squeeze a handle
      >on, rather than a C clamp), and clamp the connector down to the workbench.
      >This works so well I've never found the need to buy a real ribbon cable
      >press, despite doing this very frequently.

      I'd second Ian's suggestion of the quickgrips clamps. I have several
      of these with hard-rubber padding, so they don't scar the connector.
      Use of a vice, without some sort of similar guard, can leave teeth
      marks in the connector. You also risk crushing the connector if you
      are too overzealous when you close the vice. The only time I used my
      vice was when making 50 conductor cables for early SCSI connections
      because there was too much force needed to completely compress the
      connector on the cable.

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