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28446Stuff Bill is Brining

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  • B. Degnan
    Dec 6 8:19 AM
      Roll of printed papertape for Herb

      BASIS 108 stuff to join with system Ian/Kelly have for me from Rubin

      ADDS Terminal sell to Ian Primus
      Tektronixs 535 to trade or sell to ?? Dave McGuire
      HP 9835B to trade or sell to whomever wants (let me know)
      CBM B Series Software - Word Processing/Scripting, Database, Accounting
      packages - anyone interested?
      Tandy Manuals, various 77-80-ish era (requests?)
      Dec OmniBus cards - Dave McGuire expressed interest, no deal made as of
      this writing
      > M8192
      > M8190
      > InterLAN BD-NI201A Ethernet Address # 020701 003516
      > M7551-CR
      > M8067
      > InterLAN BD-NI2010 Ethernet Address # 020701 000CB4

      probably more as space allows.

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