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28432Festivus... who's bringing what?

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  • Mr Ian Primus
    Dec 5, 2012
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      Been *incredibly* busy these last few weeks - to the point of not even being home every night to sleep. I'm way behind on my email, I've been kind of skimming through though, and I see we're making the bad movies a contest now. Well, I've got an entry for that, but it'll be a surprise ;)

      I'm bringing my usual assortment of video games and television sets. Any requests? I'm packing tonight.

      What about other equipment? Is anyone bringing a projector? Screen? VHS deck? DVD player? Stereo amplifier? Speakers?

      Last year I brought the amplifier and the speakers, but anyone else is welcome to - the speakers are currently inaccessible to me, so bringing them is going to be a pain, although I know right where the amplifier is.

      I've been really running myself ragged lately, so I'm really looking forward to Festivus. Finally, a weekend where I can have fun!

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