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28400re: [midatlanticretro] Festivus, moving, etc

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  • B. Degnan
    Dec 3, 2012
      > As to Festivus activities...This will be my first Festivus, so I don't
      > know the overall flavor. I have little (read "zero") interest in games,
      > and not a whole lot of interest in bad movies, but if anyone wants to
      > bring along (say) a PDP-11 or VAX to get operational, I'm always up for
      > that and can bring supplies. I can bring a Qbus SCSI host adapter,
      > CDROM drive, and VMS CDs, for example, if you have a Qbus VAX that needs
      > to get running. I have lots of stuff here, and I'm intimately familiar
      > with nearly all of it...let me know how I can be a useful resource.

      Maybe I will bring my pdp 11/40 power supply. I bought most of the parts I
      need to fix, I just have to install them, but I could use an expert eye to
      advise. We're not "supposed" to be working at the festivus, but a
      eeny-weeny power supply repair should be OK. And it's fun for me at least

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