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28399Festivus, moving, etc

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  • Dave McGuire
    Dec 3, 2012
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      I am still trying to nail down whether Autumn and I will make it to
      Festivus. I will try to commit one way or another today or tomorrow.
      There's just a lot going on. I would say it's likely, though.

      As of three days ago, my move from Florida to Pennsylvania is now
      complete. It took fifteen months, ten trucks, and about $27,000. My
      heartfelt thanks go out to the long list of friends who helped out on
      both ends, especially Dan Roganti who took part in nearly every unload.
      I had a bunch of stuff to get rid of, but Florida isn't the place to do
      that, so it all came up here. To that end:

      Assuming I do make it, does anyone need anything that I might have?
      In general that means DEC stuff...I have many hundreds of Qbus and
      Unibus, and Omnibus boards. These are in steeply decreasing order of
      "willing to turn loose of", but if someone has a real need, I will do my
      best to help. I will send a separate email listing a few things that I
      have available that I am actively trying to get rid of, that I can bring

      I can't bring anything too big, as my car is small, but will do my
      best to accommodate any requests.

      As to Festivus activities...This will be my first Festivus, so I don't
      know the overall flavor. I have little (read "zero") interest in games,
      and not a whole lot of interest in bad movies, but if anyone wants to
      bring along (say) a PDP-11 or VAX to get operational, I'm always up for
      that and can bring supplies. I can bring a Qbus SCSI host adapter,
      CDROM drive, and VMS CDs, for example, if you have a Qbus VAX that needs
      to get running. I have lots of stuff here, and I'm intimately familiar
      with nearly all of it...let me know how I can be a useful resource.


      Dave McGuire, AK4HZ
      New Kensington, PA
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