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  • Douglas
    Dec 2, 2012
      Been looking around at various emulators of systems.
      I would like to put together my own comprehensive set, probably on a multi-core PC.
      (suggestions as to what versions ya'll like best of the various platforms welcome!)

      Has there ever been an effort to see how many systems can be emulated inside of
      one another... like a chronological order of systems emulated within other systems...
      Say, in the micro realm: An Altair emulator running on an Apple II emulator running on a TRS-80 emulator running on a C64 emulator running on a mac emulator... running on a real *insert fast computer* here. Would like to jam an 1802 in there somewhere too. You get the idea. Couldn't find anything like this searching... but didn't feel I came up with good search terms to describe it. I guess the last emulated system would crawl and it would be be a challenge to assemble all the file systems onto the first host machine.
      It has to have been attempted...
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