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28358Re: [midatlanticretro] Repair of MARCH Commodore PET 2001 chiclet keyboard

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  • Jeffrey Brace
    Nov 30, 2012
      -----Original Message-----
      From: Evan Koblentz
      Sent: Friday, November 30, 2012 7:30 AM

      >> It is very difficult to find specific information about this keyboard and
      >> it’s material and repair.

      >I'm impressed with your dedication to this project!

      Thank you, I enjoy Commodore computers as you know. And I really like seeing
      *fully working* machines to show while giving tours at MARCH. Plus this is a
      problem that doesn't require a high degree of expertise to repair. It takes
      patience, time and researching. For me this is a good task as I'm still
      learning about repairing.

      Once I fix this keyboard. I will bravely try to fix (or replace) the
      cassette tape drive.

      >Make sure that store is open Sunday before your schlep there.

      Yes, I will definitely make sure that they are open before I go there.

      >If the effort vs. results becomes too much, you could consider swapping a
      >keyboard from one of our other PETs.

      Yes, I have considered swapping out another keyboard as a last resort. But I
      believe that the keyboard is fixable in it's current state. I just have to
      understand what is going on, what materials can fix it safely and long time
      and how to use said materials.
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